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Comparative Study of Machine Learning Models in Protein Structure Prediction | Original Article

Akshay Pandey*, M. K. Sharma, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Machine learning is a subfield of computer science that incorporates the investigation of frameworks that can gain from information, as opposed to take after just unequivocally modified directions. Probably the most well-known procedures utilized for machine learning are Support Vector Machine, Artificial Neural Networks, K Nearest Neighbor and Decision Tree. Machine learning methods are generally utilized procedures in bioinformatics to take care of various kinds of issues. Protein structure expectation is one of the issues that can be understood utilizing machine learning. The particles which are critical in our cells are Proteins. They are basically associated with all phone capacities. Proteins are arranged on the premise of the event of moderated amino corrosive examples which is the element extraction technique. In the post-genomic time Protein work expectation is a critical issue. Progressions in the trial science have empowered the creation of huge measure of protein-protein communication information. Subsequently, to practically clarify proteins has been widely considered utilizing protein-protein association information. Whenever comment and connection data is deficient in the systems a large portion of the current system based methodologies don't function admirably. In this paper an endeavor has been made to survey diverse papers on proteins capacities and structures that are anticipated utilizing the different machine learning strategies.