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A Study of Various Strategies of Quality Management System Implementation in Construction Industries | Original Article

Vidya Sidramagouda Patil*, Vikas Chauhan, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The best quality, time and cost are the important aspects of successful construction project which fulfills the main goal of construction industry. The quality management has to provide the environment within which related tools, techniques and procedures can be deployed effectively leading to operational success for a construction project. The role of quality management for a construction company is not an isolated activity, but intertwined with all the operational and managerial processes of the construction project. The quality management system (QMS) in construction industry refers to quality planning, quality assurance and quality control. The study includes the outcome of the research methodology decided by authors based on interview of project participants and analysis of scrutinized interview data. The researchers have recommended a proposed Quality Management System for Construction Site aiming: firstly to raise the quality level of works in construction projects, and secondly to improve the construction staff consciousness, in different managerial levels, about quality management concepts and its importance for improving the quality of construction works. The researchers have come out with certain conclusions, above all is that this proposed quality management system for construction site will improve conducting quality management concepts in achieving construction works by construction companies.