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A Research on the Role of Value Stream Mapping Tools in Production Line | Original Article

Mohan Shankar Futane*, Ankur Awasthi, Sharad Mahajan, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Value stream mapping and associated analytical tools are used to explore the opportunities to streamline the flow of products on the floor with a focus on reducing inventory and improving quality. To complement the analysis, this thesis also examines the impact of improved floor employee involvement. It considers several aspects including the increased empowerment of the direct labor staff, stronger team participation, and a greater focus on solutions specifically tailored to area. Based on the results of the research, the recommendation is an increased focus on developing team skills and empowerment, specifically within the direct labor staff. This research work proposes a new methodology for implementing Value Stream Mapping, in processes that feature a High-Mix, Low-Volume product base. The opportunity for adapting the methodology singularly for these types of environments was identified because implementing Value Stream Mapping as proposed in Learning to See features several drawbacks when implemented in High-Mix, Low-Volume. Although Value Stream Mapping has been proven to enhance many types of processes, its advantages are shrunk if they are implemented in High-Mix, Low-Volume processes.