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Study on Socio-Economic & Personal Characteristics of the Entrepreneurs in Indian Context | Original Article

Sachin Anilkumar Mehta*, Ankur Awasthi, Sharad Mahajan, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


True entrepreneur’s visionaries are creative, enthusiastic and headed to succeed and move forward. They're pioneers and are open to battling on the forefront. The colossal ones are prepared to be snickered at and reprimanded at the outset since they can see their way forward and are excessively bustling working towards their fantasy. A business visionary is a representative who considers and sorts out endeavors as well as regularly goes out on a limb in doing as such. Not all free agents are genuine business people, and not all business people are made equivalent. Diverse degrees or levels of entrepreneurial power and drive rely on how much freedom one shows, the level of authority and advancement they illustrate, how much obligation they shoulder, and how innovative they move toward becoming in imagining and executing their marketable strategies. This paper centers and gives a knowledge into the importance, qualities required for a business person, openings and difficulties looked by them and finally with a little talk on enterprise as a profession.