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Effects of Yoga Practice on High Blood Pressure | Original Article

Rekha Rani*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Yogic exercises showed a positive and significant impact on diabetic adults. In the case of systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure it was found that the reduction level was significant in post-test condition. Similar study is necessary to observe the efficacy Asanas and Pranayama on different age level and gender. Another suggestion may also be that these variables should be included with other variables and different time intervals with an organized manner. The observations suggest that the performance of Asanas led to increased sensitivity of the B cells of pancreas to the glucose signal. The increased sensitivity seems to be sustained for long time resulting in a progressive long term effect of Asanas. The study is significant because, it has for the first time attempted to probe the mechanism by which yoga- Asanas reduce blood sugar. In the present study there was a significant fall in the fasting blood glucose levels in the yoga group. All the participants in the yoga group develop a sense of wellbeing without any side effect. So they are self-motivated to continue the yoga practice as a daily routine in their life.