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Data Mining Method for Use Identify Deliberate Deception and Secure Privacy | Original Article

Kale Deepali Anil*, Suneel Kumar, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


In new era the information and data communication technologies are highly used in the Business Industry. The data warehouse is used in the significant business value by improving the effectiveness of managerial decision-making. Naturally such a process may open up new assumption dimensions, detect new invasion patterns, and raises new data security problems. Due to the explosive development of Internet browsers can extract desired data from large amount of database. Data mining is a collection of technique helps the miner can retrieve exact knowledge from it. Privacy Preservation has been one of the greater concerns in data mining; there are many methods and techniques for privacy Preservation data mining. This paper discussed very keen points of various Privacy Preservation data mining algorithms and analyzing techniques and concludes the advantages and disadvantages, and a way to direct the problems. Recent developments in information technology have enabled collection and processing of enormous amount of personal data, such as criminal records, shopping habits, banking, credit and medical history, and driving records. This information is undoubtedly very useful in many areas, including medical research, law enforcement and national security. Data Storage, data access efficiently and speedily is not only the key for competitiveness but the date security and privacy is important.