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Survey on Comparative Analysis on Strategic Development and Management of Water Resources in North Karnataka Region | Original Article

Biradar Suryakanth*, Gopal Mulgund, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Now days the integrated water resource management is known as the proper water utilization, for handle it around the area & to confirm hug participation into the decision making. Presently, Due to the intermittent supply of water in several cities into the India the lot of difference has been counted into the water supply. The important source of the after is domestic and nondomestic use & other sources are private water tank & rainwater harvesting etc. Along with the many prohibitions the integrated water resource management has been utilized in India into the most river basins. For assuming the enhancement into the management & water governance this system was very good. For estimating the water supply & its need for deferent sectors many authors has created the designed & models software.