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A Comparative Analysis on Strategic Development and Management of Water Resources of North Karnataka Region | Original Article

Biradar Suryakanth*, Gopal Mulgund, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Now days in the india the large parts have already become water stressed.To the water security the challenges is the fast growth in the demand for water becuase of the increasing the population,urbanization and chaging the people lifestyle. The related issues of water governance that not been addressed satisfactorily.In the many country the mismanagement of the water is the critical situation. At whatever point the changing the atmosphere that time increment the levels ov ocean. These is prompt saltiness interruption in the ground water aquifers/surface waters and expanded on the seaside surge, these is effect on the habitations,agriculture and industry in such areas. Here presenting the investigation of Karnataka State (India) profile data and water asset administration in points of interest are presented. This part endeavours to assemble hypothetical proof and support for the present review towards key advancement and administration of water assets in North Karnataka.