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Impact of Climate Change on Water Borne Diseases in Catchment Area of Sikandrapur Lake (Muzaffarpur) | Original Article

Rankesh Kumar Jaiswal*, Deepak Kumar Mittal, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Change in climate and lake water cycle will challenge water availability but it will also increase the exposure to unsafe water of Catchment Area of Sikandrapur Lake (Muzaffarpur). Floods, droughts, heavy storms, changes in rain pattern, increase of temperature and Sikandrapur Lake level, they all show an increasing trend of Sikandrapur Area (Muzaffarpur) and will affect biological, physical and chemical components of lake water through different paths thus enhancing the risk of waterborne diseases in Catchment Area. This paper is intended, through reviewing the available literature, to highlight environmental changes and critical situations caused by floods, drought and warmer temperature that will lead to an increase of exposure to lake water related pathogens, chemical hazards and cyan toxins. The final aim is provide knowledge-based elements for more focused adaptation measures.