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An Analysis upon the Professional Development and Identities of English Language Teachers | Original Article

Parveen Kumar*, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Professional development of teachers alludes to the methods and methods for assisting the teachers in steady recharging of their knowledge base and honing their skills to conform to the emerging needs and changing circumstances of the teaching profession. While professional development includes both pre-service(preparation for the teaching profession), continuous professional development of teachers alludes to the in-service teacher education programs implied for development and professional development within the domains of this profession. The examination talks about in brief the situation of teacher professional development in the country alongside some boss issues revealed through inquires about made in the zone of teacher education and professional development of teachers in India. The capacity to communicate in English can significantly affect the life of a student in India. While the interest for English continues to be high all through the country, access to a high quality English language education is influenced by many factors and can be hard to find. This examination investigates the diverse viewpoints that determine teacher professional development in teaching English language. It aims at explaining the idea of professional development, pin-pointing the need for teacher professional development in this day and age, and exploring the field of teacher development with a specific end goal to find out the best open doors and activities.