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Development of Low Cost Sugarcane Harvester for Maharashtra Region: A Review | Original Article

Amit S. Lomate*, P. B. Khope, M. S. Giripunje, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In today’s world agriculture plays a very important role in India compared to other sectors. Around 4.6 million hectares of land is used for cultivation of sugarcane. India stands second in the growth of sugarcane in the world. Farmers are facing a vast problem labour day by day because people migrating from rural to urban places is causing of labour shortage in the rural areas. Sugarcane is a major crop of India. Sugarcane harvesting has been mechanized using automated harvesting and a new set of mechanisms has been introduced to make the existing machine more efficient, economical and less complicated for serviceability. At present there are good sugarcane harvesters in market. But these sugarcane harvesters are very costlier and generally owned by Sugarcane factories. Today we have surplus sugar production in our country. Sugarcane cultivation and harvesting costs are tremendously increased. In short Industry is facing lot of difficulties. Only way to survive is to adopt creative ways to cut production cost. So there is the need of new sugarcane harvester that can be coupled with Tractor PTO (Power Take Off).