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A Study of Energy Efficient Cloud Data Storage Techniques | Original Article

Swaranjeet Singh*, Kalpana ., in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The cloud computing system as imagined in a shipboard domain in this proposition isn't conceivable without the execution of virtualization on the grounds that the creation, replication, and appropriation of virtual machines to end users would not be conceivable. As of now, shipboard IT and network systems locally available boats work on a customer server display, for the most part with one room (radio) containing the focal servers that procedure and store all information on a ship, with different littler measured servers scattered all through the ship that run particular applications. Contingent on the extent of the ship there can be a few hundred or a few thousand PCs as well as workstations. These personal computers contain their own equipment, for example, a processor, a HDD, a CDROM drive, a NIC card and so on depend on the shipboard network for network to the servers. Cloud Computing is a highly developed technology in the field of information technology. Cloud Computing has proved its efficiency in market in current scenario. This study was researched about cloud computing and its fundamental building blocks i.e. resource consolidation, hypervisor, VM etc.