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Review of Consumer Trends and Behavior Mapping With Data Mining for Organized Retail in Kolhapur District | Original Article

Chandrashekhar Shankar Shinde*, Ali Akbar Bagwan, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


From last decades there is increasing growth of online businesses so has resulted in complexity of interactions and consumer behavioral patterns in so many aspects. Therefore, many researchers try to work on an integrated model of the effective factors in online consumer behavior and their satisfaction. Data mining techniques are expected to be a more effective tool for analyzing consumer behaviors. CRM systems accumulate increasing volumes of customer data over time and a wealth of important information is hidden behind the data. Due to the limitations of technique and idea, a great deal of customer data in many service industries can only reflect the sales information. In this paper Analytical CRM helps to analyze customer data and interactions through various data mining techniques. With the hype of CRM, information systems have gained main interest of researchers and practitioners. This review paper facilitates overview of CRM and its recent works.