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Consumer Trends and Behavior Mapping with Data Mining for Organised Retail in Kolhapur District | Original Article

Chandrashekhar Shankar Shinde*, Ali Akbar Bagwan, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


In this paper we discuss the result of consumer trends and behavior mapping using data mining for retail in Kolhapur. The purpose of this paper is to study, consumer trends and behavior mapping with data mining for organized retail in Kolhapur district as well as implement and analyze various Data-mining algorithms, tools and techniques and then do an analysis of the raw data to obtain a meaningful interpretation. Some of the data mining algorithms we have used are a vector quantization based clustering algorithm, and then an ‘Apriori’ based Association rule mining algorithm. The first one is aimed at a meaningful segregation of the various customers based on their RFMT values, while the latter algorithm tries to find out relationships and patterns among the purchases made by the customer, over several transactions. Here we also proposed E-cleaner algorithm that use for increase the accuracy of RFMT model.