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Real –Time Experiment of Intelligent Bus Monitoring System: An In-Depth Analysis Using GSM, GPS, and RFID Based Approach | Original Article

Darshan Ingle*, A. B. Bagwan, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The android base bus monitoring system using GPS and GSM methods to find the exact location of bus on google maps. Nowadays the many applications are developed for the tracking bikes, cars, devices and buses to get the exact locations. This system is mostly used to finding item which is stealed like’s cars, bikes. In this system the android devices is use the GPS (Global Positioning System) System to finding the accurate positions of buses in real time on google map. To support the GPS system the android devices use the GSM system which means (Global System for mobile communication). The many peoples has problem with bus times which is regularly travel by buses. This peoples get the exact location of buses to reach the destination. The propose system help to employee for regular traveling. Nowadays everyone has the android smartphone our propose system is simple to install and use by any one. To finding the exact location of bus the android device is use the radio frequency identification (RFID) technique. In this technique the devices use the radio frequency to find the bus locations. In our Intelligent Bus Monitoring System is useful, accurate, robust, flexible and economical. The whole information of each and every bus is stored in server side database. The main objective of Bus Monitoring system is to make the flexible, cost effective and user friendly bus monitoring system that is required for daily passengers.