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Novel Data Mining Based Algorithms for Intrusion Detection in Communication Networks | Original Article

R. N. Phursule*, Y. P. Singh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


There is a tremendous growth in the field of information technology due to which, network security is also facing significant challenges. The traditional Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is not able to prevent the recent attacks and malwares. Hence, Intrusion Detection System (IDS) which is an essential component of the network needs to be protected. IDS methodologies which are currently in use require human involvement to create attack signatures or to generating productive models for normal behaviour. In order to supply a potential another to expensive human input, we are in need of learning algorithms. The predominant task of such learning algorithm is to discover appropriate behaviour of IDS as normal and abnormal (system is under attack). The algorithm should be accurate and it should process the information in quick successions which is one of the major drawbacks in IDS because of the large amount of features. The intrusion detection plays an essential role in computer security. Data mining introduce to the process of separate hidden, previously unknown and useful information from huge databases. To detect patterns in the data set and use these patterns to find future intrusions data mining techniques help. Data Mining based Intrusion Detection System is combined with Multi-Agent System to improve the performance of the IDS. In the current era, there is ample knowledge in using Internet in social networks (such as instant messaging, video conferencing, etc.), the field of healthcare, various areas related to electronic commerce, banking, and services several other fields. As computer systems based on the network plays an ever more important in recent period once they have become the target of our criminals and enemies. Accordingly, we must determine the one of the best way to take our systems. The security of a computer system is compromised at the time of an intrusion occurs. Intrusion is nothing but the set of actions that intention is compromise the confidentiality, integrity or availability of a resource for example, illegally get super user privileges to attack and make out of the system (i.e, DOS), etc.