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Organizational Behavior and Its Role in Management of Business | Original Article

Babita Pandey*, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Managers complete the work through persons. They designate the assets, coordinate the exercises of others, and take choices to accomplish Organizational objectives. Organization is an organized social unit, made out of at least two persons, which capacities to accomplish a shared objective. Administrators are in charge of the working of the organization. The world has turned into a worldwide town. Understanding Organizational Behavior has turned out to be vital for Manager today. Globalization has displayed difficulties and open doors for Organizational Behavior. Different changes, for example, increment in the quantity of ladies’ representatives, corporate scaling back, increment in number of transitory laborers are occurring in the organization. Business is moving to where the innovation is. One can state that Business has progressed toward becoming innovation driven. There are a great deal of difficulties and open doors for Manager to utilize Organizational Behavior ideas. Organizational Behavior centers around how to enhance profitability, lessen non-attendance, turnover and degenerate work environment Behavior and increment Organizational Citizenship Behavior and occupation satisfaction. It is worried about the investigation of what persons do in an organization and how their Behavior influences the organization execution. The accompanying paper is reasonable in nature and it endeavors to clarify what Organization Behavior is and its role in Management of business.