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Behavioral and Availability Analysis of Two Unit System, In Which One Can Work In Reduced Capacity. |

Bablesh, Govil Jindal, Pradeep Goel, V. Gupta, Jai Singh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


This paper discusses the Behavioral and Availability Analysis of Two Unit System, in which one can work in reduced capacity a Single Unit Redundant System having Imperfect Switch-over device with a single repair facility. in this chapter there is two unit model connected in series in which one can work in reduced state after first failure instead of completely failed. Thus there are two type of failure: Partially failed and completely failed. The system consists of two non-identical units ‘A’ & ‘B’ connected in series, in which ‘A’ can work in reduced state after failure. The unit ‘A’ can fail partially and hence can be in up state, partially failed state (reduced state) or totally failed state. The system can work with reduced capacity in a partially failed state. There is a single repair facility catering to the needs of both the unit upon failure. Repairs are perfect i.e. the repair facility never does any damage to the units and a repaired unit works like a new-one. The system is down if any one of unit is fails completely and nothing can further fail when the system is in failed state. The distributions of the failure times and repair times are exponential and general respectively and also different for both unit. They are also assumed to be independent of each other. The system is discussed for steady state conditions. Using the Regenerative Point Graphical Technique (RPGT) the following system characteristics have been evaluated to study the system performance. i.Mean Time To System Failure (MTSF). ii.Total fraction of time for which the system is available. iii.The busy period of the Server doing any given job. iv.The number of the Server’s visits. The profit analysis of the system is also carried out by using some of the system characteristics as mentioned above. Graphs are drawn to depict the behavior of the MTSF and Steady state Availability of the system for a particular case. Key words—Reliability, Availability, Priority Maintenance, Primary Circuit, Secondary Circuit, Tertiary Circuit, Base-State, Regenerative Point Graphical Technique (RPGT), MTSF, Busy Period of Server.