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Importance of Leadership Strategies In Educational System |

Immanuel Paul Durairaj, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Education leadership is taken extremely seriously across the globe. While all the present initiatives for its development across the globe reflect local culture and needs, and vary in the balance of responsibility for such development between government, local authorities and academics, there remains similarity in the reasons for current interest,and in the content which educational leaders are believed to need to cover.This is indeed a critical time for education in general. It is an age of rapid and far-reaching changes, which no longer occur just at the local and national levels, but which have profound effects across the globe. The leader’s context for an educational institution needs to be seen as global in nature in aims to untangle some of the issues and their effects, particularly with respect to the challenges they pose at the global level. This essay discusses in detail the basic concepts of leadership, describes the leadership qualities the head of the departments of the educational institutions should possess, explains the importance of leadership qualities for quality education and finally explores the challenges of imparting leadership strategies in educational institutions.