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Development Study of Self Managing Databases and Its Latest Achievements |

B. Cheena Keshavulu, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The problem of self-tuningdatabases has been very important for the last 10 years. Commercial databasesystems have been adding features for a long time and have now reached a levelof complexity that makes them a difficult choice as a central platform forinformation services or e-commerce. It is critical that database systems beeasy to manage, predictable in their performance characteristics and,ultimately, self-tuning. Self-tuning database technology is bound to build onmathematical models and to provide proper engineering into systemcomponents.Today’s DBMSs should be knob-free and must be able to adapt asconditions change, without human intervention. An autonomic DBMS should becapable of managing and maintaining itself as well. This paper examines thecharacteristics that a DBMS should have in order to be consideredautonomic.Optimization of self-tuning models strives to minimize a programmablegoal function that reflects the system designer’s preferences and the systembehavior.