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Design Microcontroller Based- Digital Control System |

Pawan Kumar, Dr. C. Ram Singla, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The basic principles of designing a digital controller, fromthe identification of the system to the implementation of a suitable controlleralgorithm on a microcontroller. Here the classical Ziegler–Nichols PI type Thisprogram implements a first-order digital controller module on a PIC16F877 (orequivalent) microcontroller. The microcontroller operates with a 4MHz crystal.The analog input AN0 of the microcontroller is connected to the output sensorof the plant (y). The PORT B output of the microcontroller is connected to anAD7302 type D/A converter. The WR input of the controller is controlled fromport pin RC0 of the microcontroller. The sampling interval is 0.1s (100ms) andthe timer interrupt service routine is used to obtain the required samplinginterval