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Effective Strategies For Motivating and Retaining Employees |

Anil Kumar Ahluwalia, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Hardwork and loyalty of employees are the key factors for growth and progress ofany organization or company. Before hiring any employee, you check all the thingsrelated to him like his personal background or his professional background.Make various interviews which may be oral as well as written of the applicant.After doing all this, you will certainly have an employee who has all thequalities and knowledge required for your organization. Suddenly one day youcome to know that he want to leave your job because there is lack of motivationin the company so it’s very necessary to motivate and retain your employees atcertain interval of time. Here are some effective strategies formotivating and retaining employees: Findingand Retaining the Best High performance hiring means selecting the bestemployees for your job openings. In a tight labor market, smart employers lookto diverse population groups and use creative recruitment techniques to findquality employees. Hiring is most effective when employers have a sufficientpool of high-caliber candidates from which to choose the best people forspecific jobs. Achieving this optimal situation requires focus and organizationon the part of the employer, plus a willingness to experiment with methods,research, and incentive programs. In doing this, it is important to rememberthat, while you are evaluating prospective employees, they are also evaluatingyour company. A company that maintains a high profile and seems desirable towork for attracts more qualified candidates. Employee selection is not aone-sided event.