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Estimation of Flood Generation Processes By Csm |

Muniraja K., in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In the present research, we exploited a continuoushydrological simulation to investigate on key variables responsible of floodpeak formation.  With this purpose, adistributed hydrological model (DREAM) is used in cascade with a rainfallgenerator (IRP-Iterated Random Pulse) to sim- ulate a large number of extremeevents providing insight into the main controls of flood generation mechanisms.Investi- gated variables are those used in theoretically derived prob- abilitydistribution of floods based on the concept of partial contributing area (e.g.Iacobellis and Fiorentino, 2000). The continuous simulation model is used toinvestigate on the hy- drological losses occurring during extreme events, thevari- ability of the source area contributing to the flood peak and itslag-time.  Results suggest interestingsimplification for the theoretical probability distribution of floods accordingto the different climatic and geomorfologic environments. The study is appliedto two basins located in Southern Italy with different climaticcharacteristics.