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Effect of Selected Yogic Practices and Aerobics Exercises on Psychological, Physiological and Physical Variables of Secondary School Children | Original Article

Santhosha M. S.*, R. Srinivas, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


In the present society, with PCs, TVs and vehicles the vast majority don't have adequate physical exercise to keep up satisfactory health. Truth be told, numerous individuals have turned out to be sedentary to the point that their way of life has turned into a genuine danger to their health and their absence of physical exercise has started to prompt an expanded crumbling of the human health and regularly to an untimely illness and death. All through the ages, man has must be physically dynamic so as to obtain his every day food to prevail in the skirmish of survival. Exercise assumes a noteworthy job in improving the quality and probably the life span of our lives. For each individual physical activity is basic for agreeable physical and mental advancement. The body is the sanctuary of soul and to achieve an amicability of the mind, body and soul, the body must be physically fit. The vast majority who exercise normally will concur that one of the primary explanations behind their exercise is that it makes them feel better, and help them to accomplish or keep up great health and physical fitness. The impact of ordinary physical activity essentially improves health, physical fitness and work limit and empowers individuals to utilize their relaxation time all the more usefully and in this manner helps with adding life to years and furthermore years to lives. The motivation behind the present investigation was to discover the impact of Yoga rehearses on Physical, physiological and Psychological variables of Secondary school students.