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Product Mapping: Analysis of Indian Automobile Industry | Original Article

Dolly Jain*, Abhishek Saraf, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


New products create value for the customer in terms of providing new feature. For the manufacturing company it provides competitive advantage by exploring new markets and the opportunity to capitalize old investments. It also sets up entry barriers for competitors by creating new industry standers, which the competitors find it difficult to emulate. Daewoo Matrix and Hyundai Santro enter the small car B segment with Multi-point Fuel Injection (MPFI) a New industry stander was born. Predictable, Maruti followed suit, but after the gap of nearly one year. Inside the company, new products build new functional and technical skill, foster inter-functional integration and give the employees a sense of pride and confidence. Nothing could exemplify this better than the success of Telco in the launching of Indica and Victor by TVS Indica has transformed Telco from a manufacture of diesel trucks and bus chassis to a car manufacture it has also brought new competencies in petrol engines and capability in design, manufacturing and service. Victor has created the confident and ability in Indian manufactures to indigenously design the world motorcycle from scratch in record time.