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Intrusion Detection Techniques |

Gundeep Tanwar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Intrusion detection is not a new concept in the networkresearch. According to the definition in the Wikipedia, an Intrusion Detection System (or IDS) generallydetects unwanted manipulations to systems. Although there are some differencesbetween the traditional wired network and the mobile ad hoc network, intrusiondetection technique, which is developed first in the wired network and hasbecome a very important security solution for the wired network, has alsogained some attentions from the researchers when they explore the securitysolution for the mobile ad hoc network. An effective IDS is a key component insecuring MANETs. Two different methodologies of intrusion detection are commonlyused: anomaly intrusion detection and misuse intrusion detection.Anomaly-detection systems are usually slow and inefficient and are prone tomiss insider attacks. Misuse-detection systems cannot detect new types ofattack. Hybrid systems using both techniques are often deployed in order tominimize these shortcomings .In the following, we discuss some typicalintrusion detection techniques in the mobile ad hoc networks in details [35].