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Complete Oops and Oops Based Languages a Critical Analysis Comparison |

Manavver Ali, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Software engineers are being forced to becomemulti-lingual. Any of you who have had the pleasure of creating a web site knowthis. Reading this article will be something like that. I freely swap betweenC++ and Java throughout. Those of you who are not familiar with Java need notfear, you will find the syntax to be very similar to C++. However, for seriousreaders, a Java reference guide might be a good thing to have nearby.Fortunately, the entire API for the current release of Java is on-line at Release/api/. I want to make it very clear this is not a diatribeagainst one language or another. I happen to like both Java and C++ quite abit. I have been a long time programmer in C++, and have just begun to programin Java. This paper is simply a discussion of the differences in the twolanguages.