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Study on Role of Tempestuous Advances In Computer Technology |

Gurvinder Singh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The first major attempt on excimer formationutilizing the DBD technology was made by Kogelschatz and his coworkers in 1988[Eliasson and Kogelschatz, 1988; Eliasson et al., 1988; Kogelschatz, 1990;Gellert and Kogelschatz, 1991; Kogelschatz, 1992]. They realized that theexcimer known from electron beam experiment can also be formed in silentdischarges, if at least one of the electrodes is made transparent to theexcimer formation. It was shown that a large number of different excimers canbe generated in a simple gas discharge with a DBD. The effect of geometry,different gas mixtures on excimer formation, possibility of obtaining differentwavelengths, physical parameters of micro discharge and reaction kinetics ofexcimer formation in DBD have also been investigated. It is possible to exciteexcimer radiation in VUV/UV or even in the visible range. Spectroscopicinvestigations were performed with these sources. Considering the large numberof known excimers, one is led to believe that an efficient radiation source forany desired spectral range can be developed. Model calculations describingelectrical breakdown and micro discharge formation were also presented[Eliasson and Kogelschatz, 1991; Eliasson and Kogelschatz, 1994].