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The Effect of High Intensity and Low Intensity Circuit Training on Strength Endurance of Male School Children | Original Article

Mukesh .*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


For the purpose of the study thirty subjects were selected randomly from Government Senior Secondary School, Sonepat. Further, all the subjects were randomly divided into three groups i.e. two experimental groups (group A and group B) and one control group. Each group contain 10 subjects. Group A was considered as High Intensity Circuit Training Group and Group B was Low Intensity Circuit Training Group whereas group C was considered as control group. The intensity was determined by calculating Maximum Heart Rate by using Karvonen formula. Experimental groups had undergone the treatment of circuit training. First experimental group (G1) practiced High Intensity Circuit Training programme and second experimental group (G2) practiced Low Intensity circuit Training programme whereas no training was given to control group (G3) apart from their daily schedule for 08 weeks. Experimental groups were imparted 50 minutes of Resistance Training three times a week. Strength endurance variables are Arms and shoulder strength endurance, abdominal strength endurance and Quadriceps strength endurance. Arms and shoulder strength endurance was measured by push-ups and recorded in numbers. Abdominal strength endurance was measured by sit ups and recorded in numbers. Quadriceps strength endurance was measured by squat and recorded in numbers. The statistical techniques ANCOVA was employed to find out the effect of high intensity circuit training and low intensity circuit training in experimental group and control group on selected variable of Strength Endurance (Arms Shoulder, Abdominal, and Quadriceps). Significant improvement was found in Strength Endurance (Arms Shoulder, Abdominal and Quadriceps) as a result of the experimental treatments namely high intensity and low intensity circuit training. Significant difference also found in high intensity circuit training, low intensity circuit training and control groups for development of Strength Endurance (Arms Shoulder, Abdominal, and Quadriceps) high intensity circuit training experimental group found better then low intensity circuit training group and low intensity circuit training group is better than control group.