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An Analysis on Anthropometric and Physiological Profiles of Indian Footballers | Original Article

Amandeep Kaur*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Football is probably the most popular game worldwide but there is still limited scientific information available concerning the physique and performance qualities of elite Indian footballers. Team games are sports where size, shape, body composition and fitness all play an important part in providing distinct advantages for specific playing positions. Hence an attempt has been made to study the various anthropometric parameters, motor ability and physiological profiles of the different Indian national club footballers and also to compare the above parameters with their international counterparts. Physical education assumes a basic part in teaching the Whole understudy. Research underpins the import expert of development in teaching both personality and body. Physical Education contributes straightforwardly to advancement of physical ability and fitness. It likewise causes understudies to make educated chicest and comprehend the benefit of driving a physically dynamic way of life. The advantages of physical education can influence both scholastic learning and physical movement examples of understudies.