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Electron Microprobe Analysis of Chalocopyrite Pyrrohotite and Cubanite from the Copper Deposits of Kho - Dariba - Bhagoni, Alwar District, Rajasthan (India) |

Dr. S. D. Sharma, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The electron microprobe analysis reveals the completechemical analysis of mineral at specific point and variation in mineralogicalcomposition from centre to rim of the individual grain. Moreover concentrationof major elements down to 0.1Wt% can be determined with an accuracy of afraction of 1%. The ore consists of chiefly of Chalcopyrite Pyrrhotite,Cubanite, Pyrite, Mackinawite, Pentlandite in order of abundance. Chalcopyriteoccurs as coarse grained anhedral aggregate and has inclusions of Pyrrhotite,Cubanite, Pyrite and pentlandite. It shows excellent intergrowth withPyrrhotite. Pyrite occurs as anhedral grain and deformed grains are very common. Pyrrhotite occurs as massiveanhedral aggregate. Elongated and deformed bodies of Pyrrhotite are also commonCubanite commonly occurs as laths in coarse grained Chalcopyrite. Cubanitelamellae are quite clear after etching. Presence of exholved bodies such asCubanite, Pyrrhotite is a unique feature of this deposit. Previously existingmineral phases, under falling temperature conditions unmixed to form twophases, stable at lower temperature result in the formation of exholved bodies.A feature of great interest in the sulphides of this deposit lie in occurrenceof a variety of intergrowth textures. Exsolution and myrmeketic texture areabundantly present in various sulphides.