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An Efficient Security Model in Cloud Computing Based on Soft Computing Techniques | Original Article

A. V. Ramana*, Ashish Chaturvedi, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In recent years, Cloud computing is one of the most appealing technological studies region due to its flexibility as well as cost performance. Generally in a cloud the information are transferred some of the purchaser and the server. Records takes place, protection will become the major problem. Efficient protection device have to be hired in a cloud in order to make the computing environment relaxed from unauthenticated customers. Due to this cause, cloud securities have emerged as the recent dialogue inside the IT sector. Various strategies have been formulated in order to make the cloud computing environment secure. In this paper, we provided an green safety model in cloud computing surroundings with the assist of Soft Computing Techniques. Here, a robust safety in cloud computing is managed with the assist of recognition management system to ensure the information safety. Also maintaining the transaction desk that carries the statistics associated with the preceding transactions just like the previous transaction identification of the cloud node concerned, timestamp, public keys of the cloud involved, agree with evaluation and so on, can be very useful to perceive the relevant cloud nodes suitable of records transmission. Soft Computing Techniques utilizes fuzzy good judgment, neural network or genetic algorithm for processing. In the proposed technique, we applied genetic algorithm as the computing technique to perceive the appropriate nodes for transmission.