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Study on the Relation between Yogic Practice and Physical Exercises of School Students | Original Article

Nagendra Pal*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The study was carried out to assess the effect of yogic and physical exercises on physical, physiological and psychological variables of secondary school students, To see the pre post training effect of different treatment condition on subject, group was classified into three as Experemttal-1(yogic) and Experemntal-2(Physical exercises) and experiential group-3 as control group. 12 week training was imparted to both experimental group subjects, subject were selected by using purpose random sampling technique, subject were chosen form Govt-secondary school , India, subject age ranging from 14 to 17, The physical research variables such as speed, agility, explosive power and Physiological variables were chosen such as Vital capacity, pulse rate, blood pressure and psychological variables were selected as aggressive, anxiety, emotional intelligence, and social maturity, to collect the negate at pre and posttest situation of experiment various standard test and psychological test were administered on the sub group of the research.