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Study on Personality Traits and Self Esteem in Sports Participants | Original Article

Jyoti Prakash*, Ramesh Chand Kanwar, Tryambak F. Gulhane, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The present study investigates whether the Big Five personality traits are distinctive among differing sports populaces. A sample of 881 male competitors and non-competitors finished a self-report survey estimating their personality traits. The Exploratory Structure Equation Modeling (ESEM) approach is received to test estimation invariance and mean contrasts among gatherings. The outcomes show that competitors who had encountered the most accomplishment in their game scored higher than non-competitors in every personality measurement of the Big Five, except for receptiveness, while less effective competitors scored higher than non-competitors just in extraversion and suitability. The more effective competitors demonstrated higher suitability, good faith, and passionate solidness than the less fruitful competitors. Singular game competitors were seen as more vivacious and open than group activity competitors. The present findings help explain the connections between personality traits, sports participation and athletic achievement.