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Relative Evaluation of Solar Thermal Cooling and Solar Photovoltaic Cooling Techniques | Original Article

Powar Rajendra Sadashiv, Brijesh Tripathi, Kulkarni Prasad Ramchandra, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The Energy Information Administration of the UnitedStates Department of Energy activities that more than 80% of the energy utilizationof the 2035 will originate from fossil powers. This projection ought to be the fuelto push activities identified with renewable energy keeping in mind the endgoal to lessen energy utilization from fossil powers to keep away from theirundesirable results, for example, carbon dioxide outflows. Since sun oriented radiation match pretty well buildingcooling requests, sun oriented cooling frameworks will be an important elementin the following decades to meet or surpass the green gases diminishment thatwill be requested by the social order and regulations to moderate environmentaloutcomes, for example, a dangerous atmospheric devation. Sun oriented energy could be utilized as source of energyto process cooling through distinctive technologies. Sun based thermal energyapplies to technology, for example, absorption chillers and desiccant cooling,while electricity from sun oriented photovoltaic could be utilized to drivevapor packing electric chillers. This study concentrates on the examination ofa Solar Thermal Cooling System that uses an absorption chiller driven by sunbased thermal energy, and a Solar Photovoltaic Cooling System that uses a vaporpressure framework (electric chiller) driven by sun based electricity (sunoriented photovoltaic framework). Both sun based cooling frameworks are lookedat against a standard air cooled cooling framework that uses electricity fromthe lattice. The models utilized within the recreations to acquire the effectsare portrayed in the paper on top of the parameters (inputs) utilized. Effects are exhibited in two figures. Every figure hasone bend for the Solar Thermal Cooling System and one for the Sun basedPhotovoltaic Cooling System. One figure allows estimation of investment fundscomputed based the net introduce esteem of energy utilization require. Theother figure allows evaluating 1 For date of the meeting the creator is notlonger associated to Mississippi State however Universityof Texas at Tyler. Essential energy utilization lessening and outflowslessening. Both figures presents the effect for every ton of refrigeration andas a capacity of territory of sun based collectors or/and territory ofphotovoltaic modules. This approach to present the consequence of thereproductions of the frameworks makes these figures truly general. This impliesthat the effects could be utilized to think about both sun based coolingframeworks freely of the cooling request (capacity of the framework), and alsoallow the investigation for diverse sizes of the earth's planetary group usedto reap the sunlight based energy (collectors or photovoltaic modules).