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A Study on the Flora and Fauna of Zim Corbett, Nainital | Original Article

Karoo Lal Meena*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


National Parks have their distinct flora which comprises the freshwater flora and alpine flora. The prominent alpine flora includes Sal forests, Chaurs, Khair-Sissoo forests and much more. The river plants on other hand have its own distinctive hierarchy. There are over 600 species of trees, shrubs, herbs, bamboos, grasses, climbers and ferns in the Jim Corbett National Park. Some of the ubiquitous trees in Corbett are Sal, Sissoo and Khair. Many other species that contribute to the diversity here, are found scattered throughout the park. Pine (Chir) is the only conifer found in premises of the park and is found on ridge-tops like ChinChoti, though at Gajar Sot, its density becomes quite low. On the elevated levels near Kanda, Banj Oak is easily seen, which is truly a Himalayan species. Prominent Palm species are Date Palms found in the open and well-lighted areas. Kanju (Holopteliaintegrifolia), Jamun (Syzygiumcumini) and Aamla (Emblica Officinalis) are seen in the moist areas. Other tree species comprise Bel, Kusum, Mahua and Bakli.