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Kinanthropometric Analysis of Intervarsity Women’s Hockey Players | Original Article

Sandeep Kumar*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Anthropometry is the science of measuring the size and proportion of human body.kinanthropometric measurements are also used to determine body size differences, somatotyping and body composition. The kinanthropometry of physical characteristics are known to be of fundamental importance for individual development to achieve high level of performance in a specific sport(Prof. Zamirullah khan, 2016).Indian women hockey players are ranked 9th in the world in spite of availability of required resources and .653 billion female population in the country. Indian women hockey team participated in the Olympic Games twice, once in the Moscow in 1980 where the team secured 4th position and again at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where the team secured 12th rank with not even a single win. (Wikipedia the free encyclopedia).The reason which concerned me about improvement of performance was the physical attributes of the players.A total of 62 Women hockey players, who reached in the semi-finals of All India Inter-Varsity hockey championship 2018-19 held at Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology Bhubaneswar, were chosen for the purpose of the studyand for the analysis of data, descriptive statistics was employed and important findings withdrawn were aboutthe average age of the players’ which was 250.61 months (20.88 years) and the minimum and maximum age of the players’ was 220 months (18.33 year), 282 months (23.5 years). Average height of Intervarsity Women hockey player’swas 158.73cms. Where the maximum heighted player was of 168cms and the minimum heighted player was of 146cms. Mean leg length of player’s was 93.50cms. The average weight of women hockey player’s was 55.63kgs (minimum weight was 45.55kgs and the maximum weight was 72.60kgs).The researcher found Average BMI as 22.08 whereas the Maximum BMI was 26.70 and Minimum was 18.40.and these parameters differs from those teams who are giving up top class performance at the world level.