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Environment Degradation – A Threat to Human Rights | Original Article

Archana Sawshilya*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Environmental protection and human rights are interconnected interrelated and interdependent responding for the sustainability of human lives. It goes without saying that a healthy environment is pre condition for the enjoyment of human rights across the world, but unfortunately this linkage has not been ignored by the Governments. Environmental destruction caused by people leads to violation of human rights. It adversely affects people, natural resources, eco system and also physical structure. Sudden onset events posing threat to human lives leads to environmental degradation, inaccessibility to clean water, food shortage, drought and flood. Human rights are universal legal guarantees of fundamental freedom and entitlements based on the inherent dignity and equal worth of all the individuals, which cannot be waived off or taken away but by disturbing ecological balance. Human beings themselves pose threat to biodiversity and create adverse conditions for them. Therefore it becomes obligatory for the governments and international organisations to respect, promote Human rights-including the rights to life, self-determination, development, food, health, water and sanitation by protecting Environment and biodiversity.