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Compare the Satisfaction Level of Customers of Public Sector Banks As Well As Private Sector Bank | Original Article

(Dr.) Kabeer Sharma*, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The reason for this examination is to analyze the customer satisfaction in public and private sectors banks working in Delhi city of India. The information was gathered through an organized survey using a five point Likert scale. For measurable investigation of information, mean and standard deviation were utilized. The quantity of members was 160 customers (80 from private banks and 80 from public banks). The outcomes uncover huge contrasts among public and private sector saves money as to customer satisfaction. The customer satisfaction in private bank is more when contrasted with public sectors banks. The administration quality components of physical assets, responsiveness, dependability, confirmation and compassion impact the customers generally speaking satisfaction. The substantial quality measurement is discovered to be the most persuasive indicator of customer satisfaction, while compassion measurement is the least satisfaction impacting factor with customer satisfaction. The aftereffects of this examination will be useful to the bank supervisors and different partners so as to evaluate the administration nature of banks in India and furthermore help to take a superior procedure to fulfill their current customers' requests and prerequisites in the serious business condition.