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Human Resource Development In Coalfield Area or Coalmines With Special Reference to Ncl |

Gopal Shrivastava, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Coal India Limited is no1 state run coal miner. This operates 472 coalmining projects in 7 states. Government of India is holder of 90% of the stakeof CIL. It has got its HQ at Kolkata. There was the time when it has got 8lakhs of manpower to run the coal mining. This mainly produces coal. 80 % ofcoal production of India comes from CIL. This is enlisted in Bombay stockexchange. CIL has sold 10% stake in the year 2010 and had reaned 15,000 crores.It has got more than 32000 crores cash reserve. For last two decades its facing a lot of challenges before humancapital management. It has got a lot of human resource crunch. In the year2013-15 so many human capital of CIL is going to retire. CIL has got its owncoal working culture. Its human capital is mainly governed by Coal MinesRegulation, 1957. The manpower is very typical in qualifications andcompetency. It may be skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled man power. Most of themining legislation was merely a copy of UK mining legislation.