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Review on Importance Function of Sport Management and Describe the Three Sector of Sport | Original Article

Praveen Kumar Singh Jadon*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Sport plays an significant part in the lives of the people of Asia rest of the world. People need sports to improve their physical fitness, emotional social skills. In order for sport to be successful, a curriculum for the management of sport is required. The Sports Education Software is a young yet fast-growing initiative for schools in Asia. This article is a review on the discipline of the management of sports in Asian schools and also presents the roles of the management of sports. Sport hires millions of people across the globe, performs or sees the bulk of the world’s populace, and has shifted from being an informal pastime to a big enterprise at the competitive or technical stage. Sports management students need to gain an overview of the basic characteristics of sport its associated markets forms of sport organizations functioning in the public, non-profit professional sectors of the sports industry.