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Self-Leadership: Volleyball Student-Players and Their Achievement | Original Article

Amit Kumar Singh Bhadoria*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Self-leadership is one of the themes researched in recent years with considerable concern. The growth of self-leadership energy inside the person, the realization of self-affairs and self-determinations, and formation of self-motivation can be defined as self-leadership. The aim of the analysis is to analyze the levels of autonomy of volleyball players and to evaluate their connexon to their success. Data from volleyball players who studied at various universities and played volleyball in 2 were obtained. Turkish University Federation League (n=138 woman 38, male 62). The short version of the Abbreviated Self-Leadership Questionnaire produced by Houghton et al. (2012)1 in Turkey (Sahin, 2015)2 was used as a data collection method for these studies. The survey comprises nine elements which can be seen as a general overview of the global system of self-leadership. Cronbach's Alpha was observed to be .824 for this analysis. The self-leadership of the volleyball players was strong in the outcome of the studies. The variables and ASLQ ratings were not substantially different. There was a poor, negative and important association between the achievement (ranking) of the volleyball players and the ASLQ performance.