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Sediment Residue Budgeting: an Analysis Upon Hydrodynamic Characteristics of the Coastal Environment | Original Article

Chougule Ravindra Shivram*, Pradeep Kumar, Lambe Jagdish Subhash, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Coastal and marine sedimentary archives are sometimesused as indicators of changes in continental sediment production and fluvialsediment transport, but rivers crossing coastal plains may not be efficientconveyors of sediment to the coast. Where this is the case, changes incontinental sediment dynamics are not evident at the river mouth. Stream poweris typically low and accommodation space high in coastal plain river reaches,resulting in extensive alluvial storage upstream of estuaries andcorrespondingly low sediment loads at the river mouth. In some cases there is anet loss of sediment in lower coastal plain reaches, so that sediment inputfrom upstream exceeds yield at the river mouth. Bottom sediments from thirteen transects mainly sampledat depth contours of 30, 100 and 200m along the western continental margin ofIndia, falling in two offshore sectors from Dwaraka to Goa and Cape Comorin toGoa were analysed for calcium carbonate, major elements in silicate fraction,trace and rare earth elements in the bulk fraction, and carbon and nitrogenisotopes in organic matter to understand the provenance of sediments,weathering patterns in the source areas and nature of organic matter.  Yearly transportcourses of action of suspended sediments in Beypore estuary a tropical estuaryalong the south west coast of India-were explored dependent upon timearrangement estimations inside the framework It's watched that the sedimenttransport was upstream feasting the pre-monsoon period and downstreamthroughout other seasons. Connection between focus and velocity at tidalfrequencies created that the upstream development of sediment was generallyachieved by tidal pumping.