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The Realistic Nature and Human Concerns: a Case Study of Poetry of Robert Frost |

Nidhika Bawa, Nee Sharma, Prof. (Dr.) U. S. Bhardwaj, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Robert Frost believes man’s limits in his poems “Masqueof Reason” and “The Lesson for Today”. These limitations help in explaining theterm, why the unipoetry seems inexplicable and uncontrollable. Man has nocontrol in excess of unipoetry. He is unable to understand the realities of theunipoetry. Man’s location thus is permanently difficult in the unipoetry. Theunipoetry seems to him blank. According to his poem like “Nothing Gold CanStay” and “Design” man is out-of-the-way and alienated and cut off from othermen of the unipoetry. And because of alienation from other men of the unipoetryand from the unipoetry he is harmed easily by others. “An Old Man’s WinterNight” clears the vulnerability of man in an empty unipoetry. It affects man’sfeelings very deeply. This aged man cannot keep a house. He is isolated, but hedoes not feel defenselessness in him because of his depersonalization throughhis age and tiredness. It may be possible that he does not become conscious,how helpless he is, he seems much more in contemptible condition to us.