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“Filtering and Enhancing Images Using Security Algorithms” |

Girish Padhan, Dr. Yash Pal Singh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


This paper presents an analytical performance predictionand In painting of images that can be used to predict the execution time,speedup, scalability and similar performance metrics of a large set of imageprocessing operations running on a p-processor parallel system. Therepresentation which requires only a few parameters obtainable on a minimalsystem can help in the systematic design, evaluation and performance tuning ofparallel image processing systems. Using the representation one can reasonabout the performance of a parallel image processing system prior toimplementation. The technique can also support programmers in detectingcritical parts of an implementation and system designers in predicting hardwareperformance and the effect of hardware parameter changes onperformance. Inpainting is the technique of filling in holes in an imageto preserve its overall continuity