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A Study on Validation Method In Pharmaceutical Dosage Form |

Yogita Maheshwary, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The pharmaceutical industry is fundamental element ofhealth care systems. These Industries discover, develop, manufactures andcommercialize the medicines for human and animal health. A pharmaceuticaldosage form contains active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and inactivesubstances (excipient). A biologically active material in pharmaceutical dosageforms are called as an active pharmaceutical ingredient. Some dosage form maycontain more than one active ingredient. Pharmacologically inactive substanceis called as an excipient. It is usually utilize as a carrier for the activepharmaceutical ingredients. Some time, an active pharmaceutical ingredient(API) cannot be administered simply because API will not absorb in the humanbody. In this cases an excipient are used, to dissolve or mixed with drugsubstance. For a potent API sometime excipients are used for bulk upformulations which is useful for accurate dosage. Different types of excipientscan be utilized based on medication form and the route of administration.