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Property of Electromagnetic Fields (Emf), Radio Frequency Fields (Rf) and Microwave Radiation on Human Being Fitness |

Dr. Nimbalkar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


These papers deliberate the effects of Electromagnetic in human beingsand heat (energy) in a biological or non-biological system is frequency and also discussed on the exposure ofmicrowaves from cellular networks. It describes the energy content, interactionof microwave with biological system, measurement techniques and safetystandards. In the era of wireless communication, the exposure toelectromagnetic radiations is increasing. Most of these radiations fall in thecategory of microwaves. In addition, domestic appliances and medical treatmentsalso use microwaves for various purposes. Though the human body couldcompensate for and handle the extra energy load through the thermoregulatorymechanisms without obvious increase in temperature, stress could still