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“A Study of Impact of Specific Biomedical Waste in Patna” | Original Article

Manikant Kumar Sinha*, Akhilesh Kumar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


This paper providescomprehensive discussion on bio-medical wastes and makes some recommendationsfor their effective management besides discusses the key strategic actionsrequired for an effective bio-medical waste management plan preparation. Today biomedicalwaste management has become one of major issue of concern in India taking intoaccount the rate of growth of population. In this paper an attempt is made tostudy the classification, legislation and management practices in relation withbiomedical waste in India. Within the domain of municipal solid wastes,bio-medical wastes acquire a special dimension, since it is infected andhazardous. Wastes generated at hospitals and health care facilities aredifferent from general municipal wastes. The municipal wastes by and large mayneed only one of these systems for collection, transportation and finaldisposal. Against this the bio-medical wastes may need more systems, since itincludes body parts, human and animal tissues, radioactive waste, gauze,cotton, plastics, infected liquid waste, blood and laboratory wastes.