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Women and Girls’ Participation in Sports in Haryana State | Original Article

Adesh .*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Generally, women and femininity have been characterized in connection and differentiation to men and masculinity. Sports and the sports world have been attached with the masculine area and there has been a tradition of biasness against the female competitor. In the previous few decades this pattern has been stood up to and tested. The capacity to challenge prohibitive ideas about women's physical appearance, athletic capacity and support in sports, is clear through their expanded inclusion in sports. Traditional generalizations for females have gradually been changing however there is as yet far to go. Regardless of these positive steps, female sports people actually face various difficulties while seeking after their sports wants, which are generally because of long-standing gender standards. Just the substance of the issue has changed from old to current occasions. Along these lines, keeping in view the difficulties before women sports people in the traditional society the investigation has been developed to dissect the status of women sports people in Haryana.