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Study on OHMIC Heating System and Its Application for Processing of Selected Fruits and Fruit Products | Original Article

Seema Gahlawat*, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Ohmic warming is a novel and rotating warm handling innovation wherein food materials are warmed by going electric flow through materials. Ohmic warming has extraordinary potential for accomplishing quick and uniform warming in nourishments, giving microbiologically protected and great food sources. Ohmic warming presents a wide scope of potential applications including purification, cleansing, aseptic handling, cooking, defrosting, whitening, vanishing, extraction, aging, and in the military field or long-term space missions. This survey talks about the short history, fundamental standard, some interaction boundaries, pertinent food items, expected business applications and current modern status of ohmic warming in food industry all through the world. The survey additionally features the degree and work done on ohmic warming in India. The erosion issues in terminals and heterogeneous warmth age rate and appropriation are fascinating territory for additional examination. Ohmic warming is a decent tantamount with the other ideal innovations like microwave warming, radio-recurrence warming and acceptance warming. More and escalated examinations are needed to survey execution and to decrease the general expense of ohmic warming for feasibility of business use of this innovation additionally in non-industrial nations like India